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Philadelphia based metal singer/songwriter Melissa VanFleet has teamed up with three notorious musicians for her forthcoming single, ODE TO THE DARK. The release will feature Scott Rockenfield of QUEENSRŸCHE (drums), Douglas Blair of W.A.S.P. (guitar) and Nick Douglas of DORO (bass).

Following the success of her debut LP METAL LULLABIES, an intimate yet powerful collection of original songs and metal covers on piano showcasing the crystalline clarity of her vocals, ODE TO THE DARK will be VanFleet’s first full band release, with the special guests appearing supergroup-style. Ultimate Guitar published an article on 5/26/16 revealing details of the collaboration.

In April 2015 VanFleet completed her first European tour and enchanted audiences on the Full Metal Cruise II presented by Wacken. Plans to tour internationally in 2016 are in the works and will be announced soon. Meanwhile, check our last encounter:

1_What is the musical essence of Melissa VanFleet’s?

All of the songs that I write and perform have dark, haunting tones. My music is based on the piano and built upon from there so no matter how heavy the music gets with instrumentation that helps preserve the sound that people have come to know without losing the organic feel. I enjoy writing songs about topics that scare me and I think the best way to face your fears is to write through them.

2_What is the history about your new song “Ode To The Dark”?

The lyrics for “Ode To The Dark” were inspired by a story I heard while onboard the Wacken Full Metal Cruise II and I went back to my cabin on the ship that night and wrote a majority of the song. It will be the first release that will showcase my true sound and I am honored to be collaborating with three extraordinarily talented musicians – Scott Rockenfield from Queensrÿche, Douglas Blair from W.A.S.P. and Nick Douglas from DORO.

3_How remember your beginning in the music?

I was very fortunate to be surrounded by all types of music at a very early age. My dad was always into heavy metal and used to rock me to sleep as a baby to Ozzy and Dio. My mom listened to pop/R&B like Seal and atmospheric/ethereal music like Enigma and my grandfather helped to instill my love for big band. I was a dancer my whole life so, as a ballerina, classical music was a huge influence. The combination of all of those different types have definitely helped shape who I am as a musician today.

4_And which is your secret for the happiness?

Most importantly, in my opinion, you have to be yourself. I’ve learned if you are who you were made to be, everything falls into place the way it should. I went through phases where I was forcing myself to be a certain type of artist in a certain genre for one reason or another and I was miserable. The moment I let go of all of that and began to just be myself in my music I was happy.

5_What is your ideal plan for a perfect day?

A perfect normal day involves waking up (usually early afternoon because I have the worst sleep schedule and work on music all night!), sitting down at the piano and writing songs for hours, exercising or riding a horse to clear my mind, continuing to write and produce new songs, winding down at night by watching anime and going to sleep.

6_What is the most important in a person for you and what you can’t stand?

Genuine kindness, positivity and honesty are all very important to me. I can’t stand when people are negative, fake and too into themselves.

7_What challenges and dreams you want do come true?

Releasing my debut album Metal Lullabies was amazing but now I really can’t wait for people to hear the new project we are working on! My dream is to ultimately be able to keep creating music that is meaningful to me and to continue to tour the world and share it with everyone.

8_A book, disc, song, and a play has marked you?

Swan Lake is my favorite ballet and the music by Tchaikovsky is my favorite. So many albums have influenced me through the years but I specifically remember “Make Yourself” by Incubus being a record that helped me realize music was what I wanted to do with my life.

9_A special moment of your life or your career for save in a box forever?

A few years ago I recorded the W.A.S.P. song “Sleeping (In The Fire)” as a birthday present for my dad and never intended for anyone to hear it. He told me to put it up on YouTube, and from that, now I am working on my new music with members of W.A.S.P. It is crazy how life comes full circle.

10_What can tell me about your lifestyle and your normal life?

I am a workaholic so I am finding that it is imperative to take breaks and relax every so often. I also try to be as positive as possible but get stressed and overwhelmed easily so I try to work out and meditate to keep my mind and body healthy.

11_The soundtrack of your life?

It varies depending on my mood! I usually switch from Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath to Banks and Purity Ring – I listen to a wide variety of music and apply that vastness to the songs I cover as well.

12_Next proyects?

Right now I’m in the writing stages of my album and “Ode To The Dark” will be released as a single soon. We are also working on getting a European tour together. I hope to have the opportunity to come back over to Spain so we can play the new music for you!.

Esther Esteban, Madrid



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