Interview with Lewis Watson



Lunas Pasajeras start a new section into the magazine only in english. The first artist who visit this new place is Lewis Watson, a british songwriter with a new CD: “The Morning”. “The Morning” is a breath of wind for the music industry. Read this interview and enjoy it!.

What is the music essence of Lewis Watson?.
acoustic with a bit a folk and, hopefully, juuuust the right amount of pop

What are your musical influences?
The person who inspired me to pick up the guitar was a guy called dallas green who has a project called ‘city and colour’. my main influences now though are bon iver and an australian singer songwriter called matt corby

What is your best reminder of your career in the music?.
I once played a gig with coldplay in a very small pub, that for me was a real moment

timthumbThe greatest pleausure and challenge of recording this album?.

The best thing about it for me was to know that i’d come out the other side with an album that i wanted to make, the challenge was hoping that everybody else would like it too !

What is your song more energetic and the most personal?.

The most energetic is probably ‘holding on’, the band and i really let go for that one. the most personal is probably outgrow, it’s written about my childhood.

Your wishes for this year?.

For people to hopefully enjoy the album and then to tour/write and record a new one !

You can send a greeting to the website in Spain?.
Of course, thanks so much for having me and hopefully listening to the record, all my love ! x


Esther Esteban, Madrid



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